Doctor examining a lung radiography

ACRSealWith two easily accessible and accredited locations radiologic images have never been easier.  Our capabilities include X-rays and Mammography.  Both Wildwood Imaging locations are staffed by highly skilled technologists experienced in capturing the exact image that your provider needs to make an accurate diagnosis.

Just as you’ve likely upgraded from using film to a digital camera, Wildwood Imaging Departments are equipped with today’s most advanced digital diagnostic capabilities.  Digital images are faster and sharper, and can easily be enhanced for even greater diagnostic capabilities.




All women share the risk of breast cancer, and the risk increases significantly for women who have a family history of breast cancer.  Regular screenings make it possible to detect breast cancer early.  This includes performing a breast self-exam every month and having a yearly screening mammogram.  A screening mammogram is a routine
x-ray of the breast that is performed regularly on women who have no specific signs or symptoms of breast disease (i.e.: no lumps, focal pain, skin changes, nipple change or discharge).  Women at increased risk for developing breast cancer due to family history or other factors should discuss with their doctor whether beginning screening mammography at a younger age or at more frequent intervals would be appropriate.

In accordance with our ongoing commitment to excellence, Wildwood is equipped with state-of-the-art full-field digital mammography.