Physical Therapy

No matter how smart you train or how cautious you are, injuries happen. Our goal is not only to get you back to your old self, but also to help you discover your full physical potential. Whether you’re bothered by a decades-old injury or are facing recovery from surgery, our innovative techniques will stimulate the healing process.

We view your body as a whole system. One part of the system being out of balance can dramatically affect the performance of the whole. Our therapists spend time with you, providing one on one contact in order to understand your individual needs. We believe in educating you and giving you the tools you need to prevent further injuries and take an active role in your own healthy lifestyle.

The vast experiences of our professional staff allow us to treat patients of all ages encompassing a wide scope of practice including

  • acute care and workplace injuries
  • orthopedics and joint care
  • spinal stabilization
  • athletic injuries
  • pre/postoperative care—therapy after surgery (ie knee or hip replacements, etc)
  • balance training
  • falls risk assessment
  • urinary incontinence training
  • Benign Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • various manual therapy techniques including craniosacral/ visceral manipulation.

Our exceptional professional staff can address your unique needs to make sure you won’t have to miss out on the activities you enjoy most.

Meet our Physical Therapists