Our Physicans are on call 24 hours a day…

…7 days a week, and 365 days a year to answer any of your medical questions. Just call either of our regular clinic phone numbers (below) and follow the prompts to reach the on-call physician.

Madison Office

Phone: 608.221.1501

Fax: 608.223.3540

Cottage Grove Office

Phone: 608.839.3515

Fax: 608.839.3541


At this time, e-mail is NOT used as a regular means of communication with our patients although we will attempt to reply to each email.

We will attempt to answer each e-mail as promptly as possible. However, e-mail may not be reviewed on a daily basis and may need to be forwarded to the appropriate person, thus delaying the response. Given that, if you choose to send an e-mail and do not hear back in a time frame which is acceptable to you, the issue should be discussed with the appropriate staff by calling the clinic directly. Likewise, if you must have a quick response, you should discuss the concern over the phone as well.

E-mail is NOT to be used for medication related questions for your doctor. This includes refill requests. Also, please do NOT use e-mail for questions regarding an acute problem you may be having, i.e. “Dr. X, I am having terrible abdominal pain. What should I be doing?” Those questions should be addressed to your doctor (or the assistant) over the phone during regular clinic hours or with the on-call physician after hours.

Additionally, e-mail should NOT be used to request, change or comment on an appointment. Scheduling requests should always be made by calling our clinic directly. You will find those numbers above.

You may e-mail us by filling out the form below but by doing so, you acknowledge the above information.