Alternative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the philosophy of approaching each individual’s health by looking at the whole person, treating both the person and the disease. The approach is to treat the body, mind and spirit as a contiguous whole while seeking to support each person in engaging their optimal level of health. Integrative Medicine has been called the “new medicine” but in many ways, it is a return to the original practice and philosophy of medicine. It emphasizes the relationship between the doctor and patient, the innate healing ability of the body and the importance of addressing all aspects of an individual’s life to attain optimal health and healing.

Our board-certified integrative physicians consciously blend the very best of conventional medicine, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment with appropriate therapies. We strive to include therapies backed by scientific evidence to improve health and promote healing, while minimizing any side-effects or harm. All factors that affect health, wellness and disease are considered to promote optimal healing of the mind, body and spirit in all their complexity.

Our integrative services include:

  • An integrative medicine consultation – An integrative medicine consultation is a time for exploration of your primary concerns and an in-depth review of your whole health history. During the consultation, you and your Wildwood physician will develop a customized health and wellness plan to best fulfill your health needs. Your physician may recommend further investigations into your symptoms and suggest therapies that combine complementary and conventional Western approaches.
  • Primary Care – Our board-certified family physicians provide conventional primary care evaluations and work in partnership our integrative specialists using the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to help manage your acute problems and chronic medical conditions.