Nurse Talking To Senior Male Patient On Ward

Should our patients need inpatient hospitalization or outpatient services which are only available at a local hospital, we use either St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center or Unity Point – Meriter Hospital, both located in Madison. Your insurance will likely dictate where you can be admitted or which system’s services you can use.

Please note that our physicians do not round on medical inpatients at Meriter or St. Mary’s Hospital. Should your insurance require that you be admitted, our physicians will arrange inpatient care with the hospitalist physicians. You may talk with your provider regarding this issue if needed. Our physicians do deliver and round on our obstetrical patients (as well as the newborn babies) at both hospitals.

 St. Mary’s Hospital

700 S Park St
Madison, WI

 Unity Point – Meriter Hospital

1 S Park St
Madison, WI