Wildwood Coronavirus Update for Monday March 16:

We will updating this site as much as as possible to give regular updates on the situation involving COVID-19 and patient care at Wildwood. At this time, Wildwood Family Clinic is still open, but we are in the process of cancelling elective and non-essential visits at this time. This may include well adult physicals, medication rechecks, etc.

TELEMEDICINE VISITS:  We now have this capability at Wildwood!  Many routine visits with your provider can now be done via secure video link right from your smartphone or laptop! Currently, these appointments are still scheduled by calling our front desk and our schedulers can provide more information at that time.

Patients who are over 70, have chronic medical conditions such as lung or heart disease or diabetes, or are immune suppressed, should strongly consider rescheduling all non-essential medical appointments at this time. This would include physical therapy appointments as well.

For higher-risk patients who are well (no respiratory symptoms) who need to come to the clinic for routine care (newborn exams, healthy pregnant patients, patients on coumadin), you will have the option of having your appointment transferred to a provider who is seeing “well” patients that day. That may not be your primary care doctor, however. Every provider will have one designated “clean room” where ill patients have not been to reduce risk of exposure as much as possible.

Patients with mild respiratory symptoms are asked to stay home at this time and self-quarantine. Patients with respiratory symptoms who need to be seen should call the clinic first for instructions upon arriving in the parking lot. They will not be utilizing the waiting room.



Wildwood Update for Thursday, March 19, 2020

We continue to work with the new challenges that COVID-19 gives us. Our providers and managers meet regularly to ensure that we can continue to care for our patients, while keeping them safe.

Our Monday evening extended h

ours are cancelled for the foreseeable future. We will see patients in the clinic until 4:45pm, as we do all other weekdays.

We continue to explore and implement protocols and new processes to keep things as clean as possible and minimize exposure to our patients most at risk.

We encourage you to utilize our new telemedicine option to get the medical care you need from your Wildwood provider. You can call the clinic to find out more about this option.

SSM Health has a great online link where patients can be evaluated to determine if they meet criteria for a test for COVID-19. These evaluations are available to anyone in the state of Wisconsin. Go to ssmhealth.com to learn more.

We want to send a very special thanks to our employees for their unfailing resilience and dedication to our patients in these new times. And to our patients–THANK YOU for your support, your patience, your well-wishes, and your understanding. We are truly a family at Wildwood, and you are a part of that family. We will continue to be here for you.


Both SSM Health and Quartz have the option of virtual visits where patients can be evaluated online to determine if they meet criteria for COVID-19 testing. Those links are below.

We thank you for your patience. These are new times for all of us. Wildwood is committed to its patient family and we will get through this together. Please check back regularly for updates.