Wildwood Family Clinic COVID vaccine update: March 17, 2021:

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services moved up its timeline and we will be able to start vaccinating Phase 1C patients beginning March 22. This includes anyone age 16 and over with a host of medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, obese, cancer, heart disease, Down Syndrome, and COPD, just to name a few. The full list, as well as a list of places to receive vaccine, is listed below. Wildwood has been able to receive a small amount of vaccine and has been hosting COVID vaccine clinics 1-2 times a week. We have been able to ensure our patients 65 and over are vaccinated, and are working on other essential workers. While we still encourage you to look at all available places for a vaccine, if you are a Wildwood patient and in Phase 1C, you are welcome to add your name to our COVID vaccine sign up sheet.

Wildwood COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form

Please be aware of the following:–You only need to add your name once. The sheet does not reset daily.–If you are an essential worker eligible via Phase 1B (child care, restaurant, other front facing essential worker mentioned on the list), you can sign up as well.–We have no input into which COVID vaccine we get, but so far we have been receiving the Pfizer 2-dose vaccine. This may change at any time, however.

To see a list of eligible patients, as well as other places to get the vaccine, please click the link below: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/vaccine-about.htm

Wildwood Family Clinic COVID vaccine update: March 1, 2021:

Today marks the start of a new group of people eligible to receive COVID vaccines. This mainly includes teachers and child care workers and other groups of front-facing essential workers.  

Wildwood has been getting LIMITED amounts of COVID vaccine in the clinic, and we have been setting up vaccine clinics as we can.   If you are eligible for a vaccine, we still encourage you to explore alternate resources to get a vaccine. This can include pharmacies or your County Public Health Department. However, if you are a Wildwood patient, you can go to our website to find a link to sign up. Unfortunately we can not guarantee if or when a vaccine will be available through our clinic, but we will be able to contact you if the opportunity arises.  

Please note that we have no information on when patients who do NOT meet current criteria will be eligible to receive a vaccine, even if you are under 65 and have a high risk medical condition. Those decisions are made by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and will hopefully be shared soon. We are NOT taking names of patients who do not meet criteria at this time.

Wildwood COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form      

For a list of people eligible to receive the vaccine, please click on this link: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/vaccine-about.htm…  

To find vaccine sites, check out this link: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/vaccine-map.htm

Wildwood Clinic COVID vaccine update for Feb. 19, 2021:  

Currently, demand is overwhelming our supply of COVID vaccines, but we are receiving limited doses.     If you are interested in receiving your COVID-19 vaccine at Wildwood, please fill out the form below.  We are following the current State guidelines and tiers for vaccination prioritizationDo not call us, we will call you if and when we can offer you a shot.    

We recommend you continue to look for appointments elsewhere, as local pharmacies have been receiving a larger supply of vaccines than we have.

Wildwood COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form


Wildwood Family Clinic COVID vaccine update January 26, 2021:


As you are aware, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has expanded COVID vaccine availability to patients 65 and over. However, for numerous reasons vaccine supply continues to be limited. Wildwood Clinic has over 1700 patients that qualify for this round of vaccination; however we anticipate our first shipment will only provide vaccine to about 10% of that number. We will continue to request and receive more COVID vaccine, but the arrival date of these future supplies are not known.

Wildwood fully believes in this vaccine and wants all eligible patients to receive it; but we are asking for your patience during this time. We also want you to be aware of the following:

  • Please do not call us. Wildwood will begin the process of reaching out to patients to schedule an appointment the first week of February. Our COVID vaccine clinics will be after hours and slots will be based on vaccine availability.
  • If you do receive a call, you must be available in 3 or 4 weeks (depending on vaccine) for a second dose.
  • Wildwood will not have any choice in which type of vaccine (Pfizer vs Moderna) is made available to us.
  • If you have the opportunity to receive a COVID vaccine through any other means, please do so. Options may include:
    • Public Health of Dane County has an application to be matched with a vaccinator if you do not have a physician with the larger health care systems: https://publichealthmdc.com/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccine
    • If you have a relationship with a specialist through SSM Health or another larger clinic, or get care through the VA, you may be eligible to schedule a vaccine through them. https://www.ssmhealth.com/…/covid-19-vaccine-rollout-in…
    • If you live outside of Dane County, please check with your Public Health department to see if there are options for immunization in your county.
    • Your local pharmacy will soon have vaccination options as well.

We understand this process can be frustrating and ever-changing. Wildwood thanks you for your patience as we navigate this new opportunity to provide important, life-saving care to our most vulnerable patients.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, contact your Wildwood provider via phone, MyChart or schedule a Telehealth Visit.


How is Wildwood Family Clinic continuing to respond to COVID-19?
Wildwood still knows how important it for you to receive medical care. Both our clinics are fully open, including Physical Therapy. You will notice some differences, however. We are generally not using our waiting rooms, and our providers and MAs are using extra protection along with their masks.When you arrive at the clinic for your appointment, please call the clinic to check in. A staff member will come to escort you into the building. Please bring your mask with you.Telemedicine visits are still available and can be a great option if you don’t want to come to the clinic.


If you are having cough, fever, sore throat, congestion, or trouble breathing, or headache and want to be seen, call us to set up an appointment, either virtually or in person.

If you want to be tested for COVID-19:

We are able to do nasal swabs (to check for active infection) and blood tests (to look for prior infection) for adults and children of all ages. However, our swab results have been taking up to 5 days to come back and we can only test on Mondays and Friday afternoons if you aren’t being seen here for an office visit. We are working on solutions to the lag time and hope to have faster results soon.

We recommend you consider going to the Alliant Center for testing. Local authorities are doing an excellent job of testing people ages 5 and up. You don’t need an ID, it’s free, and results are usually back in 2 days. Wait times there vary.

Information about testing at the Alliant Energy Center is below and, of course, we do strongly recommend all our patients wear masks and practice social distancing. Please note that most health conditions do not warrant an exception to these recommendations.

Information on what to do if you are exposed to COVID or have symptoms is below. Stay safe and Take Care!

If you are exposed to COVID:

Information on Alliant Energy Center Testing: