Wildwood Coronavirus Update for Monday, Nov 16th:

How is Wildwood Family Clinic continuing to respond to COVID-19?

Wildwood still knows how important it for you to receive medical care. Both our clinics are fully open, including Physical Therapy. You will notice some differences, however. We are generally not using our waiting rooms, and our providers and MAs are using extra protection along with their masks.

When you arrive at the clinic for your appointment, please call the clinic to check in. A staff member will come to escort you into the building. Please bring your mask with you.

Telemedicine visits are still available and can be a great option if you don’t want to come to the clinic.

If you are having cough, fever, sore throat, congestion, or trouble breathing, or headache and want to be seen, call us to set up an appointment, either virtually or in person.

If you want to be tested for COVID-19:

We are able to do nasal swabs (to check for active infection) and blood tests (to look for prior infection) for adults and children of all ages. However, our swab results have been taking up to a week to come back and we can only test on Mondays and Friday afternoons if you aren’t being seen here for an office visit. We are working on solutions to the lag time and hope to have faster results soon.

We recommend you consider going to the Alliant Center for testing. Local authorities are doing an excellent job of testing people ages 5 and up. You don’t need an ID, it’s free, and results are usually back in 2 days. Wait times there vary.

Information about testing at the Alliant Energy Center is below and, of course, we do strongly recommend all our patients wear masks and practice social distancing. Please note that most health conditions do not warrant an exception to these recommendations.

Information on what to do if you are exposed to COVID or have symptoms is below. Stay safe and Take Care!

If you are exposed to COVID:

Information on Alliant Energy Center Testing: